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Behaviour management

View our responsible behaviour plan (PDF, 601 KB) which provides the framework for supporting student behaviour that meets the needs of our diverse school population.

Rules and expectations of the family, the school and society are discussed with the students as they progress through the school.
It is important that students understand that rules and expectations are made for a real purpose.
Some rules are made to ensure the health, safety and protection of people and property while others are aimed at promoting consideration and respect for those with whom they interact and to be responsible for their own actions.
At Beenleigh Special School we will:
  •        Be a listener;
  •        Be a word-user;
  •        Be safe;
  •        Be fair.
Students and staff also focus on virtues (such as friendliness, honesty etc), through discussion and these are always presented in a positive and supportive way.
Staff are encouraged to be proactive and positive in the area of student support. Students are given choices and are encouraged to be responsible for their own actions.

Individual strategies are designed and implemented to reduce inappropriate behaviours and to teach alternative appropriate behaviours within a consistent whole school approach. Individual needs of students will determine the most appropriate management strategies to be used.

At all times students are encouraged to:

             a.       respect the safety of all students, staff and property.

             b.       show respect, both verbally and physically, to all members

                       of the school community.              

Individual classes and School Leaders continually support and encourage student achievements and behaviours through the use of awards, prizes and recognition.

For a very small number of students who display severe and challenging behaviours, a formal plan of intervention that is in line with the Department of Education and Training policies is prepared by classroom staff in conjunction with parents/carers and other support personnel. It is important to stress that any action to intervene physically is extremely carefully considered, used as a last resort, follows an agreed-upon plan generally unique to an individual student and is carried out to minimise safety concerns for the student and others.

The School’s Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students is provided to all parents/carers on enrolment. It is also available on the school website.