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Enrolling at our school


Classes are organised across the Early Year, Upper Primary, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary phases of schooling. The number of classes can vary from year to year depending on how many new enrolments we have, how many students move to other schools, and how many Senior students graduate. Classes are organised around the specific needs of each individual student in the school setting.

Before the classes are finalised for the start of the next school year and students placed within particular groups, a great deal of discussion and organisation needs to occur. It is important to ensure that classes are structured to ensure that the best learning can occur for all students. It would not be wise for example, to place all students who are in a wheelchair in the same class, as it would be difficult to have all their physical and educational needs met in this way.

Enrolment of students into Special Schools is managed through a formal process approved by the local Regional Education Office. The school is able to facilitate contact with the relevant South East Region officers. The part-time school Guidance Officer participates actively in the collection of student information that will assist with the enrolment process supervised by the school principal and/or deputy principal.

The Department of Education and Training is committed to inclusive education for all students. Your child may enrol at any State School of your choice. Special School is only one option available for students who meet criteria for entry. When a student meets the criteria for special school enrolment, parents/carers retain the right to choose to enrol them in any State School.